C-Silicone for Laboratory

C-Silicone for Laboratory is a condensation curing laboratory silicone, used for duplicating models in dental restoration. It is characterized by precise detail replication, high final hardness and low deformation rate.



▪ Low deformation rate
▪ Precise reproduction of detail
▪ Available in different hardness: Shore A 90 and Shore A 85


▪ Full denture restoration
▪ Partial denture restoration


▪ Step1: Take one full spoon of base and two strips of catalyst

detail (1)
detail (2)
detail (3)

▪ Step2: Mix base and catalyst

detail (4)

▪ Step 3: Adapt C-Silicone for Laboratory and get your partial model

detail (5)
detail (6)

Technical Data

▪ Lightly rough in texture, grey in shade
▪ Mixing ratio: 1 full spoon of base plus 2 strips of catalyst (recommended amount)
▪ Mixing time: 30s
▪ Total working time: 1min-2min
▪ Hardness: Shore A 90 and Shore A 85
▪ Hand feel: Lightly hard


▪ 5kg Base + 2*40g Catalyst
▪ 10kg Base + 5*40g Catalyst


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