Clear PMMA


PMMA Disc is a dental material used for laboratory grinding of long-term temporary dental restorations (crowns or bridges.) NOBILCAM PMMA Discs are ground pure and easily polished. It is biocompatible and is used for long-term provisional restorations with a wear period of up to 12 months.


Teeth grinding and clenching, also known as Bruxism, is pretty common and can be painful and destructive to teeth. Luckily, there are plenty of night guards for Bruxism on the market that can help anyone who clenches and grinds their teeth while sleeping. NobelCAM Clear PMMA Disc is one of the best material for a night guard. Also it could be used for casting and implant guide.


• Crystal clear surface with outstanding translucency
• Low water absorption and resists stains
• Burns out completely without a trace
•Crystal clear surface with outstanding translucency
•Low water absorption and resists stains.
•Burns out without a trace


• Removable structure for dentures
• Removable structures for therapeutic restorations

System Available

98mm/95mm/89mm thickness from 10mm to 40mm

Technical Parameter

Properties Parameter
Flexural strength >120 Mpa
Modulus of Elasticity >2200Mpa
Water Absorption <20μg/mm3
Water Solubility <0.8μg/mm3


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