Home Impression Kit

Impress Me is widely used in on-line oral treatment such as night guard, teeth whitening kit, and sports guard preparation, for patient to take teeth impression at home, the kit offers elastomeric impression material, needful tools and accessories, could help patient to take their teeth impression efficiently in convenient way.
Besides standard sales package, we could also offer professional OEM service accordingly to your needs


• Total Solution Provider :Integrated product supply
• Rich Customized Options :Diversified product configuration combination
• Colorful material :Besides the purple one, we could offer colorful material on putty base for your choice
• Reliable Quality :The same material with HUGE Perfit
• Plentiful Accessories :Including trays, gloves, bags, mouth stretcher,extractor,chewies, so on
• Various Package

Operation Procedure

(1) Make preparations before you start
①Pull out the putty cups. Make sure to leave them at room temperature(23 °C/73°F) for an hour.
②Get the timer in your phone ready. Prepare a mirror.
③Brush and floss your teeth. Clean your hands.
④Prepare some tissues or a towel.

(2)Take impressions:
①Get started with an upper tray
②Wash your hands carefully, keep them dry and clean.
③Put on gloves

(3)Mixed well in 30 SECONDS
①Start the timer.
②Use the fingertip to mix the materials till the mixture color become even without streak, mixing time 30s.

(4)Roll and ll in 10s: Roll the mixed putty into a cane with 4 inches long, and place it into the tray. And gently to push the putty in.

(5)Quick inspect: Using a mirror, align your upper teeth in the middle, without touching the putty.

(6)Press as hard as possible: Using your fingers to press the tray, make sure it sink your teeth as deep as possible. Your all teeth are supposed to hit the tray lightly.

(7)Wait for 3 minutes then remove it: Keep constant pressure on the tray to let the putty harden.Use the tab remove the tray. Firstly pulling the tray down and then remove from your mouth.

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