VinciSmile® Retainer

Significance of Retainer

The retainer is a key factor in determining whether the orthodontic effect

can be retained for a long time. In the process of the treatment, the clear aligner moves teeth relying on the teeth mobility. After the treatment, there still exists a certain recurrence possibility. Properly wearing a retainer helps keep the teeth in position and

minimizes the possibility of recurrence.

  • Invisible appearance with high aesthetic.

  • Keeping the teeth at the ideal position.

  • Short and fast manufacturing, deliver in only 3
       working days.


    What Else Should I Know?

    Wearing Time

    In general,most cases are recommended to wear retainers all day for the first 12 months after the treatment, only at night for the second 12 months, and gradually change to wear at night on alternate days only.

    Retainer Cleaning

    Clean retainer benefits to the oral hygiene. Use a small amount of toothpaste to clean the retainers prior to each insertion. Do not use hot water, since it would damage the retainers.

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    VinciRetainer Case is also available retainer_img

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