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FAQs about VinciSmile Dental Supplies

FAQs about VinciSmile

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Artificial Denture Teeth FAQ
Regarding NOBILDENT Denture Base Polymers: which type of the acrylic powders enables thicker dentures (dentures with thicker walls) to be fabricated without air bubbles in the denture?

If we follow the instructions, there will be no air bubbles in all of our three types of powders; the 3mm wall thickness of the denture base tested in our lab did not show any problems.

About fast Heat-Curing powder: is it acceptable to do the traditional heat-curing process involving gradual heating of water to 100℃ and boiling for 30 minutes rather than 20 minutes?

Yes, it is acceptable.

Regarding NOBILTRAY: do we have to use it with a light curing unit?

Yes. The curing effect is not guaranteed if not combined with light curing unit. And our LC tray material should be kept away from sun as it would be cured under natural light with 20mins.

Regarding Alphαlab™ A-Silicone for Laboratory: how many models can be duplicated according to the amount of material you recommended?

One flat spoon of base plus one flat spoon of catalyst mixed well together can duplicate one mandible model and one full spoon of base plus one full spoon of catalyst mixed well together can duplicate one maxillary model.

Regarding GumEasy™ A-Silicone for Gingival Mask: what's the main difference between the soft type and hard type?

The main difference lies in hardness and the polishing performance. The soft type is Shore A 40 and the hard type is Shore A 70. The hard type is much easier to polish than soft type, which may conform to use habits of some technicians. Both of these two types are recommended to fabricate artificial gum in implant restoration.

Regarding NOBILDENT Artificial Denture Teeth: what kinds of applications are they suitable to do?

All NOBILDENT teeth lines are suitable to make both digital and conventional dentures, and their tooth moulds are digitally available in 3Shape and exocad. Our premium teeth NOBILDENT Delux EPN™ is also suitable to make implant-supported denture which is also known as overdenture.

Zirconia FAQ
How many missing teeth can the bridge span? (Whether there is a force point in the middle)

There are no more than 3 missing teeth.

For single crowns, how many can be made on a piece of Block

The number of restorations made on a piece of block is related to the size of the restoration and the ability of typesetting. Unsure how many can be made, usually about 15.

Zirconia teeth are light, not transparent enough, and white after sintering

(1) There is a problem with the sintering process or the sintering furnace. Insufficient crystallization time will cause problems such as under-cooking and whitening of zirconia (the main crystallization temperature is between 1000-1450, the heating speed is slow, and at least 120 minutes of heat preservation is required). If the sintering temperature is too high, the dyeing effect will become lighter. First confirm whether the sintering program used by the customer is the standard sintering curve provided by us, and then confirm whether the customer's sintering furnace has problems such as unstable temperature field or uncleaned for a long time. If necessary, check the temperature field, or suggest that the customer replace the sintering furnace for sintering.

(2)The teeth are not dried during the dyeing process, resulting in uneven local staining, and the residual water in the teeth may cause a large difference in local temperature of the teeth, resulting in insufficient local crystallization or cracks.

Cracks or fractures in teeth or long bridges after sintering. Possible reasons analysis:

(1) Due to the abnormality of the bur or engraving machine, cracks in the restoration were not found during the cutting process or re-grinding process, resulting in fracture after sintering.

(2) Not dried after dyeing, resulting in uneven local temperature during the sintering process, cracks or breaks

(3) There is a problem with the sintering process, the heating speed is too fast or the cooling speed is too fast, causing cracks or fractures.

Problems such as fracture and porcelain collapse during the cutting of zirconia

The customer's tool has been used for too long, the customer's engraving machine has been uncalibrated for a long time, or the spindle has been deviated, and the restoration design has problems.

Can the sintering curve be modified? (Change 6 steps into others)

Yes. Since the sintering machine used by individual customers cannot complete the 6-step sintering setting, we can modify it to 4 steps according to the guidance of the project department. But it is necessary to control the sintering temperature and time.

Are there special requirements for engraving burs of PMMA?

Yes, please use PMMA special engraving bur.

What is the difference between PMMA resin block and common dental powder?

Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is traditionally the most common and oldest material used to make complete dentures because of its excellent dimensional stability in the oral environment, low cost, light weight, aesthetics and aesthetics Etc. Easy to manufacture and repair. It has excellent permeability and aesthetics, and integrates into the oral cavity without discomfort. However, there are a number of problems with the use of PMMA, including denture breakage caused by water absorption and impact, and reductions in flexural strength, porosity, and polymerization shrinkage. In addition, PMMA for dental materials contains pigments that mimic oral tissue and additives such as nylon or acrylic synthetic fibers in the transparent powder component; the liquid component, in addition to the main component, methyl methacrylate (MMA) monomer, also Contains cross-linkers and inhibitors. Inhomogeneity of the two components when mixed can lead to reduced material strength and bacterial intrusion, thereby reducing biocompatibility. In order to overcome the shortcomings of PMMA such as insufficient mechanical properties and bacterial invasion, the material composition was changed and various reinforcing materials were added.

What's the differences between Monolayer & Multilayer PMMA Block?

Monolayer PMMA has only one color from top to bottom and does not have a natural gradient like natural teeth. Nobilcam's Multilayer PMMA is different from other products in that it has been approved by the FDA for intraoral use as a long-term temporary product with many layers of varying color and translucency from the cervical margin to the incisal margin. Numerous layers help create natural-looking restorations that, when ground to full contour, closely mimic natural dentition. After milling, the lab technician simply needs to polish or (light cure) the enamel to obtain the appearance of the important tooth.

What are the differences in the quality of PMMA Block?

(1) High quality raw material make sure the stable quality of product.

(2)X-Ray inspection Guarantee no bubbles inside the disc.

(3) Strong R & D ability make sure the Good compactness & Biocompatibility.

Flexible Discs FAQ
What kind of CAD software could be used for our Flexible Discs?

The commend dental software are recommended. For example, 3shape, Exocad.

Is there any requirement of milling machine?

The commend milling machine is good enough. But we recommend using 5-aix milling machine with wet milling model which will be better. Recommend Spindle Speed: 21000RPM.

What's the main different between flexible partial denture and mental denture?

(1) Eliminates the wax-up stage, investing, casting and finishing.

(2) Biocompatible, light weight, durable, and precise.

(3) Flexible and transparent clasps are virtually unbreakable, avoiding the need of metal.

Treatment With VinciSmile FAQ
What material is VinciSmile invisible appliance?

VinciSmile aligner applies the original imported orthodontic special medical thermoplastic polymer materials, which is with European CE certification, non-toxic and harmless.

Can patients with periodontosis wear invisible aligners?

Compared with the traditional orthodontic treatment, invisible aligner is more suitable for patients with periodontal disease, of course, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the periodontal condition in the early stage.

Can kids or teens wear the invisible orthodontic appliance?

VinciSmile invisible orthodontic appliance can be applied to orthodontic treatment in adolescents with permanent dentistry, preferably the patients whose second molar has erupted to construct the skeletal relations. In addition, under this circumstance, users are required to perform great compliance.

What do the patients need to pay attention to when the treatment is completed?

Generally speaking, patients need to wear a retainer all the day (remove it when eating and brushing teeth) within half a year after the treatment. Further, the retainer can be worn only at night half a year later. Patients with periodontal disease are recommended to wear a retainer for life.

Can the invisible orthodontic appliance expand the arch?

Definitely yes, the arch is expanded by the VinciSmile invisible orthodontic appliance itself, and it performs quite well.

How long can patients complete the treatment?

It depends on the malocclusion degree of the patients. Generally, it takes about 1-2 years.

Work With VinciSmile FAQ
How long can the orthodontic scheme can be designed?

The 3D orthodontic scheme can be designed within 3 work days since we have received the completed case information.

How long can I receive the aligners when I confirmed the treatment plan?

The aligners will be fabricated and shipped out within 4 workdays after the 3D scheme is approved.

What if the aligners have been used out, and the treatment has achieved the expected results?

Please submit the completion information (die stone model, patient's photos, X-ray photos and confirmation form) in a timely manner.

About Attachments FAQ
What if the attachments are difficult to be bonded since too many attachments are designed?

It is recommended that the attachments can be bonded separately or the attachment template can be cut into several segments for aims of easy bonding.

What if the attachments are lost?

It is recommended that the conventional acid etch and dental resin can be applied, and the self-etching primer system, flowable resin and orthodontic adhesive are forbidden. Furthermore, only a thin layer of the bonding material can ensure the great results, and excessive material will result in poor bonding strength.

About VinciSmile Ortho System FAQ
What should doctors pay attention to when check the 3D design scheme?

1. Initial Position

  • Whether The Occlusion And Middle Line Position Is Coincident With The Actual Situations?

2. LPR

  • Whether The Ipr Amount Is As Expected?

  • Have We Designed Any Ipr To Wrong Teeth?

  • Have We Designed The Ipr At The Right Time?

  • Is Each Tooth Displacement Appropriate To Keep Periodontal Health?

  • Whether All The Movement Are Set Reasonably (Mainly Anchorage Control)?

3. Attachment

  • Are All The Attachments Designed Reasonably?

  • Have We Designed Any Attachment To Wrong Teeth?

4. Final Position

  • Is The Teeth Alignment And Midline Adjustment As Expected?

  • Is Overjet/Overbite Within Normal Range?

  • Is The Curve Of Spee And Levelling Result As Expected?

  • Is The Arch Form Symmetric?

  • Are The Gaps Fully Closed? Or Whether The Reserved Space Meets The Requirements?

  • Whether The Occlusal Relationship Of Molars And Canines Is As Expected?

  • Is The Intercuspation Of The Posterior Teeth Desirable?

How to edit photo before upload?

The Rotate and Delete options will show up on the screen when you put the mouse cursor on the edit photo, doctors can click them if needed.

How to edit photo after upload?

Click the uploaded photo and choose a new one to replace it.

How to modify case information?

You can click [Improve] to modify what you input before submission, but if you want to change something after submission, you'll have to contact your sales manager to return the case first.

Whenever and whatever you need, we would like to provide the best solution for you.
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