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Dental Impression Materials

Dental Impression Materials

PERFIT Impression Materials are the VPS impression materials used to obtain accurate and reliable impression results. Various viscosities and multiple setting time can meet the different needs of clinicians.

Types of Dental Impression Materials

Choose the Right Impression Materials for Your Practice

The Clinical Applications Of PERFIT Impression Materials

PERFIT is a market-recognized addition silicone range launched by VinciSmile. PERFIT has a wide range of impression-taking solutions that practitioners can choose based on their personal clinical practice. This denture impression material offers great versatility and is suitable for a variety of clinical impression techniques. Combining excellent hydrophilicity and thixotropy, this denture impression material is easy to get accurate impression results, and it can be stored for 28 days.

The Clinical Applications Of PERFIT Impression Materials

Techniques for Taking Dental Impressions

Impression materials with different viscosities are suitable for different impression techniques, providing dentists with clinical operating options. There are three main impression technique options in clinical practice, one-step impression technique, two-step impression technique and custom tray technique. Among them, the two-step impression technology using tray material and wash material is currently widely used. VinciSmile particularly recommends the combination of Heavy Body and Light Body, which can be used for regular impressions and functional impressions. The accuracy and fidelity of these impressions is excellent.

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