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Glass Ionomer Cement

Glass Ionomer Cement

Glass ionomer cement (GIC) is a special type of dental cement. Glass ionomer cement has excellent biocompatibility and releases fluoride ions to prevent dental caries. GIC restorative material properties make it an excellent clinical restorative material.

Types of Glass Ionomer Cement

Choose the Right Glass Ionomer Cement

The Unique Advantages Of Glass Ionomer Materials

The material properties of glass ionomer determine its excellent clinical performance. Compared with resin-based restorative materials, it releases fluoride ions to prevent secondary caries. GIC restorative material also has better biocompatibility, good edge sealing, and is less prone to postoperative sensitivity problems. Glass ionomer cement is also easier to clean than resin. Because glass ionomer material does not have high requirements for moisture isolation, it performs well in the restoration of deep caries.

The Unique Advantages Of Glass Ionomer Materials

Advancements in Glass Ionomer Cement Technology

Dental glass ionomer cement is a dental adhesive made from a combination of silicate glass powder and water-soluble polymers. Since its invention in 1965 and its application in restorative dentistry in 1972, this material has been widely used in the dental department for filling, luting, base lining and pit and fissure sealing, etc. The development of dental glass ionomer cement products shows a trend of continuous segmentation and diversification, such asspecial filling materials with high strength and high fluorine release.

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