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Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner

VinciSmile clear aligner is made of premium biomedical polymer material to ensure invisible and comfortable wearing experience. Equipped with the cutting-edge double-aligner system and a professional orthodontist-led team of 3D treatment plan design, VinciSmile clear dental aligner is dedicated to creating the greatest smiles.

Types of Clear Aligner

Choose the Right Clear Aligner

How VinciSmile® Clear Aligner Improve Quality of Life

1. More Accurate: Aligner with large elastic modules manipulates stable orthodontic force in long-term, to realize the target position effectively.

2. More Efficient: The updated aligner material reaches the target position faster.

3. More Comfortable: The innovative double-aligner system starts with a soft aligner to optimize the comfortable experience.

4. More Hygienic: U.S. FDA approved product; Greatly reduce aligner wearing time, beneficial to keep oral hygiene.

How VinciSmile® Clear Aligner Improve Quality of Life

Why VinciSmile® Clear Aligner?

1. Unprecedented turnover time of 3+4 mode (3 days for 3D treatment plan design and 4 days for appliance manufacturing).

2. Orthodontist-led team of 3D virtual modelling treatment plans

3. Innovative industry leading double-aligner system

4. Patented and intelligent Software

5. Premium biomedical polymer material

6. Advanced auto-fabrication technology

7. Full international certifications

Why VinciSmile® Clear Aligner?
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