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VinciSmile® Premium Clear Aligner

VinciSmile® Premium takes biocompatible high-performance material, PremiumControl, and combines it with IntelMove technology (a soft aligner and a hard aligner for each step). The double-aligner system enhances comfort, ensures precise tooth movement, and accurately positions for more effective correction in complex cases.

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Features of VinciSmile® Premium Clear Aligner

  • Newest IntelMove Technology (Tech α + Tech β)

  • Advanced Premium Control Material

  • Higher Elastic Modules

  • Excellent Tear Resistance

  • Superior force control

VinciSmile® Premium Clear Aligner PDF

Specifications of VinciSmile® Premium Clear Aligner

VinciSmile® Premium
Double Aligner for Each Step√ Tech α + Tech β
Thickness0.625mm for α aligner / 0.75mm for β aligner
Elasticity889.3 Mpa for α aligner / 1037 Mpa for β aligner
Wearing Time3 days for α aligner + 4 days for β aligner
CertificatesFDA, CE, ISO 13485, ARTG, NMPA
Movement distance0.3mm/step

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