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Artificial Denture Teeth

Artificial Denture Teeth

Artificial denture teeth are applied to make full and partial prostheses as well as for dental implants. Artificial denture teeth are durable, lifelike, naturally esthetic, fitting various face shapes, and more importantly, they enable patients restore bite force and show off confident smiles.

Types of Artificial Denture Teeth

Choose the Right Artificial Denture Teeth

How Artificial Denture Teeth Improve Quality of Life

For patients, missing teeth not only cause problems with chewing and a gradual loss of the right to savor good food, but also result in cosmetic defects and loss of self-confidence. The appearance of artificial denture teeth is not inferior to real teeth, and there are differentiated designs in terms of translucency and color, giving patients a natural aesthetic; meanwhile, artificial denture teeth can enhance the efficiency of mastication and promote diet.

How Artificial Denture Teeth Improve Quality of Life

The Role of Technology in the Development of Artificial Denture Teeth

Advances in material science and production technologies have surely increased the possibility for artificial denture teeth. In terms of denture materials, precious metals such as gold and titanium were traditionally utilized for teeth, which were expensive and heavy. As a professional dental supply company, our artificial denture teeth are constructed from PMMA and DCL, which are durable, wear-resistant, and easy to polish. At VinciSmile, the production method has evolved to improve the appearance of teeth, and our artificial denture teeth are now multilayered, extremely translucent, and more aesthetically beautiful.

The Role of Technology in the Development of Artificial Denture Teeth
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