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NOBILCAM HS-High Strength Zirconia Discs

NOBILCAM HS Zirconia owns the highest flexural strength for bridges with up to 14 units. NOBILCAM HS white zirconia could be used as a substructure(framework) which is then veneered with a dental veneering ceramic, eliminating the fracture risk in long-span bridges.

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Benefits of NOBILCAM HS-High Strength Zirconia Discs

  • Suitable for opaque framework, like coping & abutment

  • Highest strength up to 1400Mpa

  • Outstanding fracture resistance

NOBILCAM HS-High Strength Zirconia Discs PDF

Specifications of NOBILCAM HS-High Strength Zirconia Discs

Flexural strength1400Mpa
Sintered density6.07±0.03g/cm³

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