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nobilcam 3d printer
nobilcam 3d printer
nobilcam 3d printer
nobilcam 3d printer
nobilcam 3d printer


NOBIL-3D Printer is a dental 3D printer, specially developed for the dental field, with high stability and ultra-high molding accuracy. For this dental laboratory equipment, a variety of materials can be selected, equipped with materials for different applications, can be customized according to customer needs.

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Features of NOBIL-3D Dental Printer

  • Highly stable Z-axis: Dual linear guideway design + ball screws

  • High precision molding: High power DLP module 2560*1440px

  • ACF 3D Nano Mold Release Technology: Dramatically reduces mold pulling resistance, increasing print speed and success rate

  • Self-developed integral light source: Uniformity of light output up to 95%, better than parallel light source

  • Automatic acrylic cover: Automatic lifting function of the acrylic cover, automatic opening when printing is completed.

  • Support wireless transmission, U disk printing, not afraid of disconnection

Specifications of NOBIL-3D Dental Printer

Print Size:158*89*100mm
Machine Size:280*280*587mm
Pixel Dimensions:0.061mm
Printing accuracy:50μm
Maximum printing speed:80mm/h
Print layer thickness:0.025-0.1mm
Connection method:USB/WIFI
Z axis type:Double linear guide + ball screw
Z-axis precision:0.01mm
Rated power:60W
Machine weight:13kg

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