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Dental Laboratory Products

Dental Laboratory Products

Dental laboratory products include all materials and tools such as Denture Teeth, PMMA Disc and Milling burs that would be used to make dental restorations. Applied in dental labs, these items restore teeth, improve aesthetics, and support oral health treatments.

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Artificial Denture Teeth

Artificial denture teeth are used to create complete and partial prostheses, as well as for dental implants. They are sturdy, lifelike, and aesthetically pleasing, fitting various face shapes. More importantly, they enable patients to restore their bite force and display confident smiles.
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Zirconia Discs

NOBILCAM holds a deep appreciation for technological advancement and prioritizes a people-centric approach. With a strong dedication to research and development, our focus remains steadfast on delivering superior, safer products to patients. Our zirconia dental discs exemplify a harmonious blend of aesthetics and strength, ensuring an exceptional experience for patients.
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PMMA & Flexible Discs

PMMA & Flexible Disc is dental material for laboratories to mill dental long-term temporary restoration (Crown or Bridge) and removable restorations. NOBILCAM PMMA Disc mills purely and polishes easily. It has excellent biocompatibility and for long-term temporaries with a wear period of up to 12 months.
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NOBILTRAY Light Curing Tray

NOBILTRAY is a prefabricated light-curing tray indicated for making individual trays and can also serve as a temporary base plate in dental labs. As a light-curing material, it can be rapidly cured in 3 minutes in the light-curing unit.
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Duplication Silicone

Duplication silicone materials are primarily utilized in labs for duplicating denture models, creating temporary prosthetic works, creating artificial gingiva on models, and creating matrices for veneer restorations. We offer three types of duplication silicone materials with stable quality, high precision, and excellent performance.
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NOBILDENT Denture Base Polymers

Through a unique multidirectional rotation compounding process, NOBILDENT Denture Base Polymers is created using high-quality imported PMMA resin with cadmium-free inorganic red pigment and bionic stria vascularis added. It is clinically suitable for prosthodontics as a denture base for patients with hypodontia. Furthermore, different curing types can cater to different customer needs.
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The Importance of Quality in Dental Laboratory Products

The Importance of Quality in Dental Laboratory Products

Why Choose
Health and Safety

Quality dental prosthetics prevent oral health issues, as they directly contact the patient's mouth, necessitating top-notch materials and craftsmanship to avoid adverse reactions or infections.

Aesthetics and Patient Satisfaction

Dental restorations like crowns demand quality materials for natural aesthetics, ensuring patient satisfaction and confidence in appearance post-procedure.

Accurate Fit and Function

Precision is crucial in dental work; quality products guarantee an accurate fit, minimizing discomfort, functional issues, and the need for adjustments.

Dental Lab Solutions

Future Trends of Dental Laboratory Products

Future dental labs are increasingly focusing on accuracy and customisation to provide more precise and patient-specific treatments. Meanwhile, the elevated sufficiency is needed. This trend is supported by digitalisation in dental laboratories, which allows for the development of highly personalised dental prostheses and restorations using CAD/CAM design and 3D printing technologies. For future lab products, they have to help professionals make digital prostheses and help patients regain lovely smiles. VinciSmile, a professional dental wholesaler, provides artificial teeth, gingival mask and other CAD/CAM products that are taking further steps towards future dentistry.

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