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Duplication Silicone

Duplication Silicone

Duplication silicone materials are mainly used in labs for duplicating denture models, making temporary prosthetic works, and creating artificial gingiva on models and matrix for veneer restoration. We have three types of duplication silicone materials with stable quality, high precision, and excellent performance.

Types of Duplication Silicone

Choose the Right Duplication Silicone

How Duplicaiton Silicone Elevates the Efficiency

Due to the easy mixing ratio and precise detail reproduction, our duplication silicone could catch every detail and reduce rework. Besides, the total working time is around one minute and thirty seconds, which reduce the waiting time, and its stability improves the efficiency of technicians.

How Duplicaiton Silicone Elevates the Efficiency

Comparing Different Types of Duplication Silicone

The duplication silicone material for laboratory is mainly divided into two types: Addition Silicone and Condensation Silicone. The two types of silicone have different properties, different colors, and different main application scenarios. However, they are all favored by technicians due to their short working time, high copy accuracy and molding stability.

Comparing Different Types of Duplication Silicone
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