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UltraCore Core Build-up Solution

UltraCore Core Build-up Solution

UltraCore Core Build-up Solution offers you utmost restorative result and streamlined operation, presenting ideal conditions for precise crown cementation.

Benefits of UltraCore Core Build-up Solution

  • Features superior compressive and flexural strength, delivers a long-lasting restoration.

  • Cuts just like natural dentin and presents ideal conditions for precise crown cementation.

  • Dual curing techniques provide you easier application, eliminate your worry about the situation in the root canal.

  • Artistic shade system satisfies all your esthetic needs. If you pursue the ultimate natural esthetic look, artistic dentin shades are your ideal choice.

Workflows of Core Build-up

1. Root Canal Treatment
1. Root Canal Treatment

Remove inflamed or infected pulp on the inside of the tooth.

2. Root Post Cementation
2. Root Post Cementation

Place the dental post in the center of the tooth where the pulp used to be.

3. Core Build-up
3. Core Build-up

Core provides strength and support, ensuring that any further restoration.

4. Crown Cementation
4. Crown Cementation

A reliable resin cement can make a huge defference in the final restoration.  

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