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PMMA & Flexible Discs

PMMA & Flexible Discs

NOBILCAM PMMA & Flexible discs are the materials for long-term temporary restorations, digital dentures, night guards, partial dentures and other dental applications. With CAD/CAM technology, you can simplify the workflow in your dental labs.

Types of PMMA & Flexible Discs

Choose the Right PMMA & Flexible Disc for Your Restorations

Creating Customized Digital Dentures with PMMA Discs Technology

The process of making a digital denture with a PMMA disc involves precision digital design and milling. The PMMA disc, known for durability and aesthetics, can be milled and polished to create a customized denture base and arch. This innovative method ensures a comfortable fit, natural appearance, and long-lasting quality for a patient's enhanced dental experience.

Creating Customized Digital Dentures with PMMA Discs Technology

Advancements in PMMA and Flexible Disc Technology

PMMA is an acrylic material widely used for denture applications owing to its useful attributes including processing simplicity, lightweight, low cost, aesthetic properties, and stability in the oral environment. Since PMMA has been used in the manufacture of denture bases with varying degrees of in vitro cytotoxicity and in vivo allergic reactions, as well as a lack of aesthetics. Replacement materials such as Flexible Discs made of nylon may be used in this case. Restorations made of Flexible have invisible properties, lightweight leading to high comfort and outstanding biocompatibility.

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