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One-Stop Dental Solution

One-Stop Dental Solution

One-Stop Dental Solution provides comprehensive dental care services under one roof, ensuring convenience, quality, and personalized treatment for all your dental needs.
Orthodontic Solution
The VinciSmile digital orthodontic solution benefits from our self-developed software, strong treatment plan design capability supported by professional orthodontists, double-aligner system products made of premium biomedical material, and seamless service to ensure excellent results.
Digital Denture Solution
Digital Denture
The exciting digital prosthetic solution provides a smooth and sufficient experience. We offer comprehensive products for digital denture workflow that meet your need.
Implant Workflow Solution
Implant Workflow
Implant prosthetic solution promises exceptional individuality and better function. We offer ideal denture teeth with dedicated design catering for technicians' need.
Night Guard (IMPAK) Solution
Night Guard (IMPAK)
This custom-designed oral appliance provides effective protection against teeth grinding and clenching during sleep, preventing dental damage and promoting better oral health. We provide several kinds of materials to make night guard or bite splint.
TrusFIL Direct Restorative Solution
TrusFIL Direct Restorative
A highly aligned direct restorative system, containing everything you need in your direct restoration practice, helps you achieve a simple, durable and satisfying restoration result.
Indirect Restorative Solution
Indirect Restorative
A fully aligned and all-round system designed to simplify indirect restoration workflow and elevate your success in dental practice.
Pediatric Dental Solution
Pediatric Dental
The health of the tooth and oral cavity is very important, especially when it comes to the dental care of children. VinciSmile is commited to providing children with customized oral management solutions as well as high-quality products and services.
UltraCore Core Build-up Solution
UltraCore Core Build-up
UltraCore Core Build-up Solution delivers a streamlined restoration workflow, ensuring an excellent foundation for the reconstruction of vital and non-vital teeth with part or most of the clinical crown missing.
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