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Night Guard (IMPAK) Solution

Night Guard (IMPAK) Solution

This custom-designed oral appliance provides effective protection against teeth grinding and clenching during sleep, preventing dental damage and promoting better oral health. We provide several kinds of materials to make night guard or bite splint.

Benefits of Night Guard (IMPAK) Solution

  • Customized Fit: Night guards fabricated with CAD/CAM technology offer a custormized fit to the patient's unique dental anatomy, ensuring optimal comfort and effectiveness while minimizing irritation or discomfort.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Compared to the potential costs of treating dental damage or addressing complications from untreated bruxism, investing in a night guard solution is often a cost-effective preventive measure.

  • Pain Relief: Night guards can alleviate symptoms associated with teeth grinding and clenching, including jaw pain, headaches, and muscle tension, improving overall comfort and quality of sleep.

  • Outstanding materials: NOBILCAM IMPAK material is characterized by its thermoplastic flexibility resulting in highly precise adaption to the tooth situation. Moreover, IMPAK offers stress-free wearing comfort for the bruxing patients.

Workflows of Night Guard (IMPAK) Solution

Step 1: Scan
Step 1: Scan

Capture precise digital impressions of the patient's oral structures for accurate bite splint design.

Step 2: Material Selection
Step 2: Material Selection

Choose the most suitable materials to fabricate the night guard according to the demand of dentists and patients. NOBILCAM provide clear PMMA, Flexible Disc and IMPAK Disc for night guard, each possessing varying degrees of softness and elasticity.

Step 3: Design & Mill
Step 3: Design & Mill

Utilize dental design software(3shape,exocad or other) to design customized night guard and mill with precise milling machine, such as NOBILCAM-5X.

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