MHT-Multilayer High Translucent

NOBILCAM Zirconia Disc

NOBILCAM cherishes the principle of technology innovation and people-oriented, concerning R&D, dedicating itself to providing more professional, better quality, and safer products for patients. NOBILCAM Zirconia Disc balances aesthetics and strength for an excellent patient experience.


• All-in-one One-for-all
• Seamless gradient makes colors change smoothly
• Time saving and easy processing
• Multilayer shows natural tooth esthetic.





2.5 unit


Technical Parameter

Flexural strength >900Mpa
Translucency 46%
Sintered density 6.07±0.03g/cm³

Technical ParameterSystem Available

98mm/95mm/89mm thickness from 10mm to 25mm


packing (3)

Instructions For Use

• Color comparison of restoration
(1) The doctor perceives and distinguishes the color information of the patient's remaining teeth;
(2) Record the color characteristics of the tooth;
(3) Accurate transmission of tooth color information to the porcelain technicians through the technical process orders or computer network image transmission.

• Technician production of restorations
(1) Fabrication of metal base crown
Mainly include the following steps: 1) Working model production: including nearly ten processes such as working model trimming and inserting nails; 2) Wax model production: including wax model stacking, cutting back, finishing, edge sealing, Processes such as making the holding handle wax model, inserting the sprue and the base; 3) wax embedding, casting, ring opening, sand blasting, try-on castings on the working model; 4) polishing; 5) the bonding surface of the base crown and porcelain Treatment: fine polishing, sandblasting, cleaning, oxidation. A total of nearly 30 procedures.
(2) Porcelain layer production
The porcelain layer generally includes three layers of opaque porcelain, dentin porcelain, and enamel porcelain, which need to be formed by using porcelain powder through multiple stacking and sintering.
(3) The metal porcelain crown is tried on, dyed and glazed on the model.

• Clinical try-on and bonding of restorations
The metal porcelain crown is placed in the patient’s mouth. The contact relationship between the crown and the adjacent teeth, the closeness of the edge with the tooth are checked, the occlusion is adjusted, and sometimes the shape and color of the full crown need to be modified and adjusted. After the above try-on steps are completed, polishing and glazing are performed, and then cementing is performed clinically.

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