PERFIT Heavy Body (Auto-Mix)-Fast Setting

PERFIT heavy body is a high viscosity VPS material to offer preliminary impression material with excellent carving properites. The advanced thixotropic characteristics makes PERFIT heavy body an ideal impression tool especially the implantolog. Combinied with light body could offer high precision impression to meet all clinical demands.


Crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, full denture, implant and orthodontics impressions.

Two or one-step technique for precise impression.


· Excellent tray materials for precise impression results.

· Easy and efficient operation.
· Good mixing quality, avoid bubbles.
· High precision and dimensional stability. .
· High tear strength and tensile strength.

Technical Parameter

Products Heavy Body-Auto Mix
Type Normal Set Fast Set
Total Working Time 2min00s 1min30s
Setting Time in oral cavity 3min30s 3min00s
Shore A Hardness ≈68
Tensile strength >2.0MPa
Tear strength >4.0kN/m
Elastic recovery rate >99.5%
Dimensional Change Rate <0.2%
Shelf life 2 years




380ml*1 Cartridge
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