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Post-show Highlights Recap from LMT LAB DAY West & CDA  


The past few days have been absolutely exciting! With a constant flow of visitors to our booth learning about our products and leaving their contact information, we are truly flattered and want to thank you all. You have made this event so fulfilling and rewarding for us!

Post-show Highlights

At CDA Presents in Anaheim 2024

While presenting all of our products at this event, we were most excited to share our TopCEM Indirect Restoration Solution. Our TopCEM Dual Cure Resin Cement combined with HugeBond Universal FliPro Light Cure Dental Adhesive creates a smoother work flow for your restoration work. Our new flip-open cap on our HugeBond FliPro attracted lots of attention on the show flow.


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At LMT LAB DAY West 2024

Our NOBILDENT Digital Denture process was the main focus at this show. We started by sharing our NOBILDENT Delux EPN, Prime DXL, and Select XL tooth line including their libraries loaded in EXOCAD and 3Shape. We then shared our fully developed digital dental equipment including our NOBIL-3D Printer and NOBILCAM-5X Milling Machine.


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