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intraoral scanners in dentistry
intraoral scanners in dentistry
intraoral scanner
3d dental scanner

i-Vinci 3 Intraoral Scanner

i-Vinci 3 utilizes advanced technology to capture high-resolution images of the teeth and gums, creating a highly accurate and detailed digital model of the patient's mouth, which can be used for a variety of dental applications

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Indications and Uses of i-Vinci 3 Intraoral Scanner

  • Restoration

  • Orthodontics

  • Implant

Features of i-Vinci 3 Intraoral Scanner

  • AI Technology, much smarter, improving scanning experience.

  • Button-control simplifies the scanning workflow.

  • Clear margin line, full HD color, high accuracy.

  • Fast scanning speed, easy to learn and use.

  • 3 Different tips, meet more demands of different applications.

  • Motion sensing system enables easier images view.

  • Powder-free and true color scan.

i-Vinci 3 Intraoral Scanner PDF

Technical Parameters of i-Vinci 3 Intraoral Scanner

Scanning TechnologyStaring Scanning with Coded Structure Light
Anti Fog SystemIntelligent Heating
Handpiece Weight228g
Handpiece Dimension216x40x36mm
Handpiece EnclosureAviation Aluminum Alloy
Scan Field18x16mm
Scan Depth0- 15mm (Adjustable up to 20mm)
True ColorFull HD
Tip Type3 Types (N/M/D)
Total Tipsx5 (Autoclavable)
Tip Autoclave Cycle20-50 Times
Scanning ControlButton
Motion SensingSupport
Data InterfaceUSB3.0
Cable Length (m)2m

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