TopCEM Ceramic Primer

A multi-purpose coupling agent for porcelain as well as ceramic restoration. Used for pretreatment to make a better bonding result.


Ceramic Coupling Agent serves as a priming agent and is used to create a durable adhesion between a variety of restoration interfaces, including glass ceramics (feldspar ceramics, leucite ceramics, lithium disilicate ceramics, fluorapatite ceramics, zirconia-enhanced lithium silicate glass ceramics, etc.), oxide all-ceramics (Zirconium oxide, alumina), metal/alloy, etc.


• Quick solvent evaporation minimizes waiting time.
• Suitable for various restoration interfaces.
• Simple operation, easy to apply, compatible with light curing or dual curing resin adhesive.
• Significantly improve the bonding strength between the resin cement and the restoration.

Technical Parameter

In dental restoration, the ceramic coupling pretreatment agent is located between the ceramic restoration and the resin cement, and forms a strong chemical bond with each, so it can increase the bonding strength between the ceramic restoration and the matrix to a certain extent. The following figure shows the effect of using ceramic coupling agent and not using ceramic coupling agent on the bonding strength of resin cement. (Data from product R&D and testing.)

Material Of Restoratives Porcelain Zirconia Cobalt Chromium Alloy
Condition Method Ceramic Primer Adhesive Ceramic Primer Adhesive Ceramic Primer Adhesive
Shear Bond Strength/MPa 21.8 17.6 22.7 11.2 21.1 20.7




5ml*1  Bottle
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