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Check Out the Must-See Highlights from FDLA Expo 2024!

The past two days (June 7-8) in Florida have been absolutely exciting! We are truly flattered by the constant flow of visitors to our booth who showed keen interest in our products and left their contact information. Thank you all for making this event so fulfilling and rewarding for us!


Digital dentistry is the main trend in today's dental prosthetics, and most customers visited us to see our NOBILDENT & NOBILCAM Digital Denture Solution, which was definitely the main focus at FDLA 2024.


We started by sharing our NOBILDENT Delux EPN, Prime DXL, and Select XL tooth line, including their libraries loaded in EXOCAD and 3Shape. We then shared information on our fully developed digital dental equipment, including our NOBIL-3D Printer and NOBILCAM-5X Milling Machine.


Top Recommended New Products for Digital Denture Prosthetics:


IS the ultimate luxury artificial teeth, which are made of double cross linked materials in five layers and are comparable to many high-end teeth lines in our industry.


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NOBILCAM-5X Milling Machine
IS a dry cutting equipment with 5-axis linkage, designed with micron-level high-precision cutting and high-reliability performance to provide you with a more efficient, powerful, accurate and stable processing experience.


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