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Get Ready for Denture Teeth in DIGITAL Times


We are excited to announce the arrival of our latest innovation:

A new generation tooth line that is a great fit for your digital denture workflow!



· Shorter neck, thinner and flatter lingual side

· Gentle transition at the bottom of the posteriors

· No deep cavity, reducing the undercut in fabrication of base

· Three-layer DCL teeth, aesthetic and reliable quality

What issue is this new line trying to solve?

· Cases with small vertical distance (VD)*

· Difficult to make teeth get in place*

· Individual cases need more adjustments


*For patients with small roots or VD, it’s more challenging to bond prefabricated teeth in denture bases because the regular teeth are too long to get retention.

*For bonding prefabricated teeth and 3D printed denture base, some teeth require a lot of grinding, and even minor error between tooth library and the actual teeth would make it difficult to get in place. Our new generation teeth use special mould production to achieve a high degree of consistency between actual teeth and tooth data.

NOBILDENT Digital Denture Solution


We provide creative integration of 3D printed base and prefabricated teeth. Based on tooth library in exocad or 3Shape, you can design the denture base and bond teeth in the base by using self curing resin. 

This new teeth line brings less grinding and makes your digital denture more accurate.

New Teeth Line in Action 

For short roots case, it used to be a vexed issue because our professionals had to pay more attention to occlusion reconstruction and making teeth get in place properly.



Professional user in New Jersey have created their denture case using our new line. The final results look generally good.

Free Samples Available!

Before officially launching, contact our sales team to request our available samples in A2 and A3 shades. These samples are loaded into 3Shape and Exocad for testing. We welcome your feedback.

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Get Started Today!

Contact us now to learn more about this new line and how it can benefit your practice. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your digital denture workflow with us!

Whenever and whatever you need, we would like to provide the best solution for you.
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