PERFIT Regular Body (Dispenser-mix)

PERFIT Regular Body is an addition cure vinyl polysiloxane dental impression material used to address a variety of imperfections with excellent aesthetic results.


· For Clinical Application:
1. Two-step impression technique with Light Body
2. Light-curing guide for
a. Mock up restoration
b. Bonding of orthodontic brackets
c. Occlusal stamp for composite restorations
· For Lab Application:
3.Composite injection moulding technique


· Extreme Transparency:

· Guarantee the perfect photopoly merisation of the composite used for the restoration.
· Ideal Rigidity:

· Ensure the original shape remains unaltered, and reposition without deformations.
· High Aesthetic Results:

· Help to achieve excellent aesthetic results, and simplify the clinical procedures.

Technical Parameters

Product Regular Body
Working Time 1min30s
Setting Time 3min00s
Shore A Hardness 62
Recovery from deformation >99.5%
Linear dimensional change <0.2%
Colour Transparent


Regular Body 轮播图1

Standard Package:50ml*2

Kit Package:50ml*2

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