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nobilcam 5x milling machine
nobilcam 5x milling machine
nobilcam 5x milling machine2

NOBILCAM-5X Milling Machine

NOBILCAM-5X is a dry cutting equipment with 5-axis linkage, designed with micron-level high-precision cutting and high-reliability performance to provide you with a more efficient, powerful, accurate and stable processing experience.

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Features of NOBILCAM-5X Milling Machine

  • ACCURATE: 5-axis milling machine with large B-axis 

  • EFFICIENT: C-Clamp holder and vertical milling

  • One-Step Milling: Crowns, bridges, digital dentures, custom abutments and other applications.

NOBILCAM-5X Milling Machine PDF

Specifications of NOBILCAM-5X Milling Machine

Number of axisFive-axis linkage
Milling methodDry milling
Cutting materialZirconia block, PMMA, Wax, Resin, Composite Material
Block sizeDiameter 98mm, thickness 10-30mm
Disc Stroke rangeX/Y/Z: 200-120-120 A:360°, B: +30°~ 90°
DriveFull servo motor
Tool (Bur)Quantity:7 Diameter:4mm
DimensionLeft and right: 530mm, Front and back: 650mm Up and down: 760mm
WeightTotal mass of cutting machine: 145KG
Required air pressure6.0-6.5 bar
Compressed air flowApprox. 50L/min
Minimum suction volumeApprox. 3000L/min
Power supply220-230V AC, 50/60Hz
Milling precision≤0.02mm

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