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Explore Full Denture Solutions with NOBILDENT Teeth


As professionals, you always try to make outstanding full dentures efficiently and you've probably tried various techniques to this end.

More and more customers share with us successful cases of satisfactory dentures with NOBILDENT teeth!  We are also eager to share these excellent cases with you!

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We follow the trend of digital dentistry and always offer diverse solutions to our customers.


If you are looking for the ultimate luxury artificial teeth, we offer our Delux EPN™, which are made of double cross linked materials in five layers and are comparable to many high-end teeth lines in our industry.


For mid-end, Prime DXL™ is must-see. It has 53 molds and 3-layer appearance, which meets different needs. In addition to classical VITA 16 shades, we can also provide bleaching shades A00 and A0.


We also provide well-tested 2-layer appearance teeth Select XL™ with stable quality and affordable price.


Based on accurate tooth libraries in exocad and 3Shape, NOBILDENT teeth are highly recommended to make digital full dentures. For overdentures and conventional dentures, NOBILDENT teeth are suitable as well.
These cases from our customers are the best proof of the quality and efficiency of NOBILDENT™ Teeth!

Whenever and whatever you need, we would like to provide the best solution for you.
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