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Ultimate Color-Matching Composite Restorative Is Coming

ONE syringe for ALL ranges of teeth shades

Can you imagine that with one universal shade composite, you can restore patients' teeth in all shades, e.g. from A1 to D4 according to the VITA shade system?


The upcoming TrusFIL X-Blend Universal Composite Restorative succeeds in covering all shades in only ONE single composite.
If utilized right, this innovation can have a tremendous impact on your practice, streamlining direct restoration workflow, increasing appointments, and much more.

What Is the Chameleon Effect

Due to the nanofillers, when TrusFIL X-Blend is filled into the cavity, the colors and optical properties, the resin-covered tooth structure underneath, and the remaining exposed tooth structure all interact. That’s how these factors together affect light interaction and lead to the chameleon effect.


Simple and Aesthetically Satisfying

Product Highlights

1. No wasted shades with only one TrusFIL-Universal shade, changing your restoration routine.

2. Take the guesswork out of finding the accurate shades matching patients’ natural teeth.

3. Exceptional longevity with low shrinkage of only 1.06%.

4. Impressive physical properties due to innovative TrusFIL Nanofiller technology.

5. 3.5 mm depth of cure – saves time.

6. Easy to polish, highly stain resistant with a high gloss.

Superior in Colour Adaption

TrusFIL X-Blend features impressive color-matching ability, streamlines the shade-selection procedure. It enables clinicians to restore all shades of teeth cavities with only one universal shade, thus reducing product inventory and operation time.


Reliable Properties*

* Data from VinciSmile dental lab.

TrusFIL X-Blend is an upgraded composite, delivers an amazing shade-matching magic, and refuses a compromising result. Compared to TrusFIL Universal, TrusFIL X-Blend shows a quite similar performance in practice, however with an easier operation.

Flexural Strength/MPa


Compressive Strength/MPa



TrusFIL Direct Restorative Solution

Step 1
Isolate teeth, then etch the enamel with P-Etchant Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel.


Step 2
Apply HugeBond Universal Adhesive for stronger bonding to achieve longevity.


Step 3
Apply TrusFIL-Flow Flowable composite as base.


Step 4
Apply TrusFIL Universal composite or updated TrusFIL X-Blend composite, then shape composite for lifelike appearance. After shaping, polish the surface.



Step 5
Apply Pro Shield Fluor Protector for secondary cavity prevention.


VinciSmile is committed to offering all-round solutions for you. 

Each recommended product in direct restoration solution is designed to further elevate the high quality of the restorations, save your time effectively and help you achieve clinical excellence for patients.


Whenever and whatever you need, we would like to provide the best solution for you.
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